The November Company

The November Company
Al Tilal Mall, Jahra Road – Shop M13
Shuwaikh, Kuwait City, KUWAIT
Phone: (965) 2225 3455/6
Mobile: (965) 9711 5881
Fax: (965) 2225 3447

The November Bakery
Phone: (965) 2225 5454
Mobile: (965) 9731 3310 / 9969 3551

Things by November 
Phone: (965) 2225 3470
Mobile : (965) 9969 3550


65 Responses

  1. Bibi!!!!!!!!

    Jude showed me this blog today and I am so impressed!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT! BEAUTIFUL! AMAZING! THOSE DESSERTS, THEY LOOK INCREDIBLE! I can taste them from all the way over here. 🙂
    Your store looks unbelievably stunning and I hope to one day see it!
    Miss you!

  2. Dania!!! 🙂 so glad you liked the blog, hope your doing okay! miss u loads!

  3. Great Blog November !!

    Suggestions will be flashing soon on your screen

    All the best

  4. I was so pleased to meet Mr. Dirt Bomb this morning. From what I remember of him, I think we could become really close.

    Your orange coconut bread sounds delish, but where’s the lemon bread, and better yet, a saffron ginger concoction that I remember tasting eons ago. Gingerbread is the bomb….

    I love the Anthropologie chair reference. It’s not exactly my style, but I like the way you highlight a particular item for readers to examine. Keep going with that.

    Consider a “gallery” with photos of November’s favorite pieces of art — this would fit well into the “Inspirations” theme. You could also do this with “Favorite Dresses of All Time,” “Best Designers of the Past Two Centuries,” etc. The topics are endless — and would give readers insight to your personal style. I would be interested in a gallery of inspirational images behind your obsession with pale grey-blue and pale pink — think Watteau paintings, John Singer Sargent complexions and shadows, certain plants and flowers, even a grey-blue or pink song or fragrance. You have passed the obsession for pale grey blue onto me — it’s a virus that I’ve loved catching.

    I’ll be checking in regularly for inspiration and to wet the ever-present appetite for all things November and sweet.

  5. When I first heard about the football-themed cakes, I admit I was a little bit worried. The first thing that popped into my head were those cakes with a horrible scanned photos on them; glad to see they are absolutely NOTHING like that! 😀
    I should have known; I’m actually not surprised at all. November does not have anything tacky! You’ve made something fun and silly (cakes with “themes of teams” and stuff) into something adorable, classy in a way and neatly done.
    Good luck, you’re doing an amazing job. Kuwait is lucky to have you and your fantastic, original ideas.

  6. I love your work! I have something in the making soon *hopefully* – I think you will make it worthwhile for me 🙂 – enshallah *fingers crossed*

  7. is the bakery at tilal too??

  8. Hello, yes it is, a small stand in our store, with daily baked goods. 10am to 9pm

  9. Chika.. best wishes and it would be our pleasure!

  10. Got an SMS yesterday about your blog. The photos are fantastic and the blog reflects the style of the boutique; elegant, unique and varied.

  11. Hey, thanks a lot for the comment.. sms? well thats cool.
    hope we continue to inspire you!
    have a great day

  12. this blog makes me wish i lived in Kuwait

  13. thanks 🙂

  14. I love your style. And it’s safe to say that your company can be everyone’s style; teaparty-like, modern lounge for house party, intricate beautiful designs for elegant dinner and more!

    I also like the fact that Yes, you are very popular in Kuwait and you are the “go-to girl/company” for all parties, weddings and gift ideas. But it’s also fantastic how you’re not commercial!

    The pictures are taken really well, but I know they look even better in real life. Keep them coming! 🙂

  15. Bibi!!!!!!!! I love your blog, its very bloggy!, i delight in its blogginess, i will return and bask in the bloggofallbloggs frequently!
    love you

  16. Excellent comment mandy, thank you for gracing us :*

  17. We are currently working on a few long distance projects with the Uae.. maybe someday we will venture there… post recession ofcourse! 🙂

  18. WOW !! i love it !! everything seriously when i first saw the blog i was really wondering if its in Kuwait !! great job everything is perfect
    i can wait till i have an event im definitely passing by

  19. amazing blog and work. Can you put up a menu of your different cakes/ dessert, I always mix up the Jude and Dali cake !

  20. BIBIOOOOOOOOOO! Hellooooooooooooooo,
    just found your blog again, took me a while, i am blog impaired mostly, anyhoooo, im sooo impressed with your work and proud of you!!!!! hope your well and making oodles of money.

  21. by the way, Im sure you have worldwide contacts sourcing anythign and everything for you, however…should you require my incredibly free services in sourcing stuff.
    let me know

  22. hello bibi thankyou for the nice cake we called it ten star cake

  23. hello bibi thankyou for the suprise cake i loved it soo much!

  24. You are so welcome! it was our pleasure.. its the Aila cake… and it really is fabulous! bilafia!

  25. So original. so Bibi. You’re doing so well, mashalla. You really stand out!

  26. So original. so Bibi. You’re doing so well, mashalla. You really stand out! 🙂

  27. m7ley almofa’6al

    7beet aln3amel

    alla iwafekom

  28. ahood thank you so much ! 🙂 glad you enjoyed your birthday celebration !!

  29. hope you had a wonderfully awesome fantastic party, oh to be a 27 again ;/

    love you oodles!!!


  30. Hello Dear staff/ November Boutique
    I would like to know some of the plans/organization system to create a wedding, what are the products/Decorations systems. Would u do the whole place such as the bathroom/Entrance/seats if it was in a hotel? And may u please inform me about everything that u do, also about the budget u start from how much..

    Thank u Very much
    Waiting for your reply

  31. I’ve never seen such wonderfully crafted cakes like yours in Kuwait. Bravo.

  32. Same Q 🙂

    Hello Dear staff/ November Boutique
    I would like to know some of the plans/organization system to create a wedding, what are the products/Decorations systems. Would u do the whole place such as the bathroom/Entrance/seats if it was in a hotel? And may u please inform me about everything that u do, also about the budget u start from how much..

    Thank u Very much
    Waiting for your reply
    Latifa – December 21, 2009 at 10:53 am

  33. Hello Joharitta, We plan weddings as a turn key project, we handle everything from cards to bridal stage and everything in between, in the toilets we place flowers, toilet accessories from modern sets to classic ones, so that all aspects of the wedding are tied together.. we much prefer having one on one meetings with clients when explaining all the details of the wedding, so i would recommend you calling in (2253445-6-7, or 97115881) to book an appointment, and it is in the appointment that we explain more and can talk about budgets.
    take care 🙂

  34. Thanks a lot.
    one more Q, do you do weddings in Saudi?

    best regards,

  35. Your Welcome! Yes we do! 🙂

  36. Amazing …

    Amazing Shop…

    Amazing Idea …

    Amazing Flowers …

    Amazing Cake …

    Amazing Cup-Cake …

    Amazing Photos …

    Amazing Staff …..

    WoOow Just Amazing ….

    I Found Your Website And Blog By Chance And I Am Really Impressed …All The Best Guys … Will Visit You SooN 🙂 🙂

  37. Thank u so much Leena 🙂 really appreciate the enthusiasm about november.

  38. i loved this comment

    Good luck, you’re doing an amazing job. Kuwait is lucky to have you and your fantastic, original ideas.

    teacup – March 19, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    so true. we are so v lucky to have you

  39. hello
    i really really love your work,you are so professional.
    hope your business blooms more and more.
    am a big fan 🙂
    thank you
    sanabil al rayes

  40. Thank you so so so so much 🙂

  41. What an affecting take on this subject. I am glad you shared your thoughts and ideas and I find that I agree. I enjoy your clear writing and the effort you have spent on this post. Thanks for the good work and good luck with the blog, I look forward to more updates.

  42. A little inspiration 🙂

    keep up the good work..

  43. i adore amy atlas!!!! such gorgeous ideas! thanks for reminding me about her blog!

  44. woooow amazing fainally something ra8y in Kuwait mashallah, i just want to ask about the prices for the wedding parties are they too pricy? o can you say about how much t8rebn thnx alot 🙂

  45. Hello Maha, thanks a lot 🙂 our prices vary depending on the needs of events, call us up for more information 🙂

  46. hi there,
    I wanna know if you make a special kind of baby birthday cake if you make the big cup cake as a cake or not ? and how can i c the pictures?? thank you

  47. Hello Om Laila, please call in 97313310 for any order enquiries regarding cakes, that way we can get back to you quicker, of course we can make cupcake cakes, we have a sample in the blog, from a couple of months ago, if you send us your email we can send you the picture.
    Thanks 🙂

  48. i would like to be a part of your cake decorating team….

  49. Dear James, please email us your cv and we will look over it! 🙂

  50. I absolutely love ur work! keep the prettiness going good luck :D!!
    I posted some of ur work in my blog :

  51. Thank you soo much!! love the post!! 🙂

  52. Keep up the good work..
    Mashallah very organized, very sophisticated, very elegant, its simply perfection..

    ❤ it ..

  53. Hola,vi a una chica de esta empresa en la feria del 360 mool,kuwait,,y me gusto mucho y al parecer yo también…no se su nombre,,,creo que era ELA,,,O ALGO ASI…¿alguien me puede ayudar?esta chica estaba en el stang de esta empresa,,,,gracias.

  54. hello 🙂 the shop is called a little something, wee sell flowers and gifts and create custom gift packages and the wrapping as well, it is part of our company November, the contact number is 97115881. thanks!

  55. I need your address,I like your work can we order any shape or design

  56. Hello Bushra, yes you can order any cake shape or size and as long as you give us enough time we can make it 🙂 please send us images of your cake to with the date needed, size, flavour and your contact details.

  57. -:- I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives great information .'”

  58. By the way yesterday I passed through your company and i didn’t enter, however my friend just received something today from your store and I really regret that I did not stop my car and visited your store  As I was supposes to get him something but someone took this action before me and I regret it .

    Anyway the good thing is that most of your staff seriously adorable, Fascinating and amazing however I was wondering if you do have international branches , and for sure I will be visiting your store very soon .

    Keep the good work up

  59. I went to a wedding u did …I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  60. dear ..

    i really like your cakes , flowers ,,
    can i make make order online ?

  61. Hello Hana, we do not do online orders, but please call us on 97313310 or pass by the shop to get an idea of what we have, and place your order.
    location is al tilal commercial complex, round the corner from home center.

  62. i’m from Saudi , my friend birthday day in 13-March ,, shes’s in Kuwait
    i wanna make for her cake with flower as surprise , buy it online ,,

    please send to me details if you can ..

  63. I am from Abu Dhabi, i do to have a flower shop Petals Flowers & Events, however i do admire your work, the simplicity of the arrangements complements the flowers, and let me not forget the mouthwatering cakes. LOVE your blog, shop and work. Thumbs up to you 🙂 Amazing Work

  64. thank you so much !! 🙂 best of luck with your business as well ! xx


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