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July 24, 2011

for new updates and posts please visit our new blog location 



Thursday/Friday Working Hours
June 28, 2011

The November Bakery will close at 7pm, Thursday & Friday. Please make arrangements for pick up or delivery prior to that time 🙂


XXX November

The Twilight cake- have you tried it?
June 26, 2011

our take on a “blackbottom” cupcake, our advice put cake in a large low bowl,put into oven/microwave till warm and slightly gooey on top, take out and enjoy the lava like cake!

Listen to this :)
June 22, 2011

Father’s Day {this sunday}
June 15, 2011


June 14, 2011


Congrats to all the graduates !! XXX
June 14, 2011

Bakery Orders!
June 13, 2011

Dear clients!

Due to the Busy season of graduations, weddings and special occasions! we are now requiring a 1 WEEK ADVANCE NOTICE ON ANY SPECIAL CUSTOMIZED CAKES,CUPCAKES,CUSTOM COOKIES AND TREATS ! thanks!! 97313310



June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday !!
June 1, 2011

November on Be Festive!
May 30, 2011




Thanks for making our day Abadi!! we will surely name something after you…. :)
May 29, 2011

Thank you Aseel for featuring us in your magazine! watchstyle :)
May 27, 2011

Please check out the article featuring November-May issue-out now! watch style’s bridal issue



wow its been forever since we have blogged, but its been just so busy at November
May 27, 2011

please pass by to check out our gorgeous new gift wrap, teapots, cups, bowls, candles and jewelry boxes, next week we will have aboout 200 new items from party ware, cards, even more gift wrap and an abundance of candles vases and trays.

we have been working on an amazing suprise and will be announcing something fabulous really soon!

so bare with us and we apologize for the lack of posts.




Vera Wangs bridal spring 2012! Breathtaking! last 2 are amazing!
May 12, 2011


this weekend colours :)
May 4, 2011

Ok ! Officially tweeting!
May 4, 2011


November updates!
May 2, 2011

hope you are all doing well and enjoying the beginning of whats looking like a warm and vibrant summer!

We would like you to know that we will be supporting our good friends Danah al Jassem and Anwaar Al Mudhaf in their “Hala Ramadhan” expo that will be held in 360Mall, in the convention hall from may 10-12th 2011, ten am to 10 pm. We will be displaying our Ramadan trays, and gift packages along with our sister company “Things By November” Looking forward to seeing you there!

Also we would like to announce the addition of a few amazing desserts
***our pistachio cream tart! available daily… not too sweet, dainty and perfect for teas, dinners,, and anytime that sweet craving hits you actually! we make a few per day so please order in advance . 9kd, for 6-7 persons, and 13.5kd for 10-12persons

***Lemon and chocolate cheesecake bars, zesty and very adult dessert like..and rich in flavour. sold by the dozen. 6.250kd

*** mini sized raspberry, vanilla rosewater and white chocolate truffles.. super sweet for those that adore a major sugar rush. 25kd/kilo

***as well as Our luxuriously adult take on a child hood favourite… RICE KRISPIE TREATS. CLASSIC FLAVOURS.. DOUBLE DIPPED IN WHITE AND MILK CHOCOLATE.. sold by the dozen 6:250kd

*** The blasphemous Chocolate and Caramel Bread pudding that we serve at Pizetta is now available for your home, bring in your dishes minimum size requirement is 20cm by 20cm, and we will have ready for pick up in 24 hours. price depends on size of your dish

*** “Isphahan” bread pudding, a combination of pistachios, rose water and white chocolate with subtle swirls of caramel has now been added to our ever growing list of desserts. please bring in your dish for us to fill up! same rules as chocolate bread pudding

And just to inform you, we are working on our issues with our phone lines and trying to find the best solution in order to take your calls and meet your requests, we are sorry if we have caused any inconveniences to you in the past. We pride ourselves in taking every comment and suggestion seriously in order to serve you all better.

Our store timings are 10am to 9pm, 1pm-9 on fridays
land lines coming soon!

Thank you for being supportive and inspiring clients.

Best wishes

“The November Bakery”

Spotted in Istanbul
May 1, 2011

Thanks Yousef  

Hello from November
April 27, 2011

April 26, 2011

Launching our new upholstery Department
April 26, 2011

From Your Wedding to Your Home 

Mabrook Mrs h! We are so happy to have been part of your wedding

We love to encourage our clients to use their bridal stage as part of their home for happy nostalgia.. Here our client used part of her intricate cutouts and attached to wall, and also we split her sofa into 3 parts and created a chaise long, a puff and a chair….

Even More Things …
April 24, 2011

New Items at Things by November …
April 24, 2011

Gorgeous Wedding Cake
April 19, 2011

New Cakes
April 19, 2011

Now Open!
April 13, 2011

and& presents a style and smart way to dress your children in the latest international brands and trends world-wide, right at your finger tips here in the GCC region. With the launch of the online shopping, and&’s aim is to cater to customers with trendy children a selection of branded luxury clothing, offering fashionable parents an unmatched online retail experience in the GCC region. Style never looked sweeter on your kids! and& will present our customers current fashion each season highlighting the hottest looks for the style savvy child. On our website you are always supported by our pristine customer service and your purchases consciously packaged and securely shipped to your final destination. We at and& hope you enjoy your shopping experience and will frequently visit us!

Bazaar Magazine Launches Fan Page
April 4, 2011

Check it out at :


Have a lovely day


The November Blog Questionnaire : Pomegranate and Patchouli
April 3, 2011

1- What do you do?

I’m a business graduate, but I found myself working in the creative field! I’m also a blogger, a writer and an editor at One day, I will also own a food business.

2- why do you do what you do??

I started my blog when I was working at an investment company. It was a creative outlet for me, one where I could express all the artistic sides of me and post inspiration from magazines, blogs and other sites as well. From there, I started getting writing commissions and also joined the team behind Khaleejesque. It is definitely not what I planned for, but I enjoy every minute of it.

I also cook & bake during my free time and am planning to start a food business (too early to say exactly what it is). I love it oh so much!

3- where do you do it? (online shop, buisness address, contact details and blog)

I blog at and I am an editor at

4- Best birthday cake memory? taste? from?

In 2008, my friends got me a divine tasting chocolate layered cake with vanilla cream filling and chocolate ganache frosting from Sugar & Spice, and in 2010 they got me a cake from November that was half red velvet and half pistachio. I looooved it!

5- you have 30 kd and you need to feed 20 guests, what do you do? where do you go?

I like my meals to blend well together – I don’t like mixing a lot of cuisines in one meal. In this case, I would go Meditteranean. It is affordable and I can find all the ingredients in my local co-op. I’d make 2 salads: my favorite fig salad, and a greek salad. I’ll also make a chickpea hummus and a sun-dried tomato dip – served with grilled pitta bread. I’d make a meditteranean vegetable beef stew served with grilled bread or rice. For the vegetarians, roasted herb vegetables (eggplants, potatoes, zucchini, carrots). For dessert: oven roasted fruits topped with vanilla honey yoghurt!

6- What makes an event unique and meaningful to you??

When the seating is comfortable, the people are relaxed, the music is nice (and not too loud!) and of course when the food is delicious.

7- What is your favourite celebration?

A relative or a close friend’s wedding. If I personally know the bride, it makes all the difference!

8- Name one wedding tradition that you wish to see re-invented.

The “yalwa”. I’d love it if more people did it.. I haven’t seen one in ages!

9-What did you do/wear this Newyears eve?

Call me boring, but I think the whole New Year celebration is so overrated. The last few years, I’ve been spent New Year’s Eve at home with my family gatherings chatting and having good food.

10- 2 must play songs for a chillout event?

Beyonce is pretty fun! I also don’t want to admit that I’m having fun listening to Ke$ha! Recently, I’ve been listening to more Dance/Techno/House and DJ remixes like those by David Guetta, so I think those are fun to play in the background.

11- Best snacks to have on cocktail tables at a party?

Nuts, candied nuts, chocolates, dried fruits, dried fruits dipped in chocolate.. Basically, something sweet, something salty. And nothing that can ruin your dress if you accidentally drop it!
12- Traditional wedding or mixed wedding?

It depends on the family. Some people feel uncomfortable at a mixed wedding. My ideal situation would be, a traditional women’s ceremony, but mixed during the dinner/buffet. Why should the groom be the only one there?

13- Cake or cupcakes?

For weddings, definitely cake.

14- Best song to get everyone dancing?

English: Usher! Arabic: Anything by Mohammed Abdo I guess.

15- If you can throw an event anywhere in Kuwait.. where would it be? (kuwait towers, green island?)

A seaside location with an ocean view.

16- Ballroom or home weddings? mention pros and cons

Recently I’ve been having more fun at the latter, because it has less people – more relatives less strangers – and almost everyone knows everyone else. They’re more intimate and relaxed. Obviously, the downside is that people tend to stuff too many guests in a small area, so service gets messy and the seating is oh so uncomfortable! Ballrooms of course have the added advantage of being more glamorous and have better facilities.

17- hidden treasure , party suppliers in Kuwait?

I think you can find anything and everything in Kuwait. I can’t understand why people bring in chocolates from abroad, when I’ve tasted some of the best in Kuwait. Some print their cards in another country, when we have great printers and graphic designers here. Some also get cheap looking party favors that cost them a fortune abroad. I can’t name one place, but if you’re serious about it, you can find everything you want in this country.

18 – any tips on making your home, event ready?

I’d say the simpler the home, the easier it is to have a party in it. The more columns, furniture, stairways, and rooms, the harder it is to plan an event. For those who are going to build a home, I suggest going smaller on the building, and having a bigger garden/porch. If the house is too small for a party, then the garden won’t be.

19- if you are a recent bride or are married, any wedding planning advice?

I’m not any of the above, but everything I wrote above is exactly what I would do when the time comes. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.

20- source of inspiration in kuwait?

Flower shops and furniture & accessories stores.

21- and these are just for fun….what do you prefer?
challet or city? Both. I can never give up one or the other.
night owl or early bird? Early bird.
polka dots or stripes? Tough one. Stripes.
pastels or brights? Pastels.
morning fix? Vanilla latte.


Pomegranate & Patchouli

Brown Booteek
March 31, 2011

mention the november blog and receive a free people tank top (worth KD 17) for purchases over kd 100 while supplies last!!

Chalet parties, gatherings or large wonderful bashes! visit us for your event rental needs!
March 31, 2011

Wild floral love… be different. :) Thanks to all our customers that are coming into the store and taking our advice on picking up a plant instead of flowers, a cactus, or a bonsai tree.. spice it up.. change is good :)
March 31, 2011

Kuwait Center of Autism Charity Bazaar
March 30, 2011

Join us at The November Bakery cupcake decorating booth !!


Beautiful Tray
March 30, 2011

Good Morning !
March 30, 2011

Dear November Bakery clients we will be closed for orders from april 5-8th due to construction in our kitchen.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We will update u via bbm, blog and facebook groups.

A selection of cakes will be available at the store for sale on first come first serve basis …


Have a wonderful day ..